After having worked with the great team at Gojek for over a year, we joined hands to change the world together. Gojek was the first unicorn to come out of Indonesia, and more than just being one of the fastest growing companies in the world, it is also the one with the most powerful social missions in the South East Asia.

It was an interesting first meeting with Gojek in early 2015, at their South Jakarta office, with Nadiem and their then CTO, talking about how they allocate orders to drivers. This was a few months before everyone in Jakarta would be using Gojek for pretty much everything, and certainly before they managed to color the whole town green with their jackets. Though, it still had the same energy that became the cornerstone of life at Gojek later on.

Over the next year, we build multiple new products together, including GoCar, which went from idea to production in just a little over three weeks. If you think that was fast, you should know that three weeks is an incredibly long time at Gojek. This was a team which knew exactly what a MVP meant, understood how to take decisions fast, and were the experts at building traction.

In August 2016, Abhinit and I talked to Ajey, Nadiem and Kevin about working together, and a month or so later, all 42 of us were sitting in Gojek’s Bengaluru office dreaming of new products that would change the lives of people who would use them.

The aquisition was covered by a number of publications

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