It has been almost three months since I decided to quit my job, and start working towards a more satisfied life. The first step that I took was to appear for the GMAT. Doing well in that exam would ensure that I could opt out of the lifestyle that I was about to choose. Basically, it would provide me with a backup plan in case things got a little out of hand. For, like software, backup is essential, and even the most experienced people amongst us, make the mistake of ignoring it.

Tomorrow, I make my first bid for a project, from my prospective clients. The company is a start-up, but each guy in there has an impeccable track record in the domain. My presentations are almost ready, along with the costing and time estimations. I have read a lot of theory about it, yet it is scary to go and talk to them tomorrow.

Besides the driving force behind this decision to chase this particular client came from a quite unexpected source. A few days ago, I was snooping around youtube and I came across this beautiful speech by Steve Jobs, the undying, unrelenting, entrepreneur. The speech, which was delivered to the graduating class of Stanford, touched a chord with me. To be frank, not one, but many.

You can view the whole thing on YouTube here.